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Graduate Auditions

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The School of Music offers Individual flute instruction in the MUSI 585, MUSI 685, and MUSI 785 courses. Students who wish to study through the School must perform a live audition before a faculty jury or submit a video recording of the required audition repertoire. After applying to the School of Music through the Acceptd™ application service, you will schedule an audition with the following prepared materials.

All applicants will perform the first movement of either the Mozart G-Major or D-Major concerto including a cadenza from memory. In addition, candidates are to compliment this concerto movement with approximately 15 to 20 minutes of repertoire including: sonata or sonatina movements, French contest works, and unaccompanied pieces, and orchestral excerpts.

Live Audition
Live auditions will be held on February 10 and February 24, 2024.

Recorded Audition
Prepare an unedited video recording of the repertoire outlined above including a memorized performance of the Mozart concerto movement. Record any accompanied works with piano. Additionally, include five minutes of any technique exercise(s) of your choosing in 6 different major and 6 different minor keys (e.g. Taffanel et Gaubert 17 Daily Exercises, Moyse Daily Exercises, etc.). The recording may be physically delivered on digital media or uploaded to Acceptd™, YouTube™, or other streaming service. You may also submit audio or video recordings via email or a file sharing service.