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Visit the Studio

If you are considering auditioning for the UA Flute Performance program, we welcome you to visit our campus and attend many of the regular flute studio activities. Our flute studio meets on Monday at 11:00 AM for weekly studio master class during which students perform. Each Friday the studio meets for weekly technique class in which we perform memorized scales, arpeggios, intervals, lyric studies, and orchestral excerpts. You are welcome to bring your flute and join us in playing this basic technique.

We can also arrange for a current flute student to serve as your guide to the School of Music to attend an orchestral rehearsal, music theory or music history class, and join them for coffee or lunch. You are also welcome to arrange for a consultation or lesson with Dr. Luce.
Jokes during graduate flute pedagogy class.
Kaissy performing during master class in Centennial Hall
Sarah Beck Hill visiting from Brannen Brothers Flutemakers
Ivo, Kaissy, Anna, and Briana after area recital performances
Laughs between takes during a Flutefinity recording session
Melissa performing for guest artist Katherine Kemler
Distanced master class in Centennial Hall
Susan Milan working with Jenny and Noah