Flutefinity Performing and Recording Ensemble

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The Flutefinity ensemble performs and records transcribed and original works on and off campus year round. The ensemble has performed at numerous National Flute Association Conventions as a featured flute ensemble for gala concerts. Flutefinity premiered original compositions at the 2007, 2016, 2019, and 2023 National Flute Association Conventions, the 2010 Chinese World Exposition in Shanghai, China, and at numerous performances throughout southern Arizona. This ensemble is open to any qualified flutist enrolled at The University of Arizona.

In addition to the group’s performances, members record original works and arrangements in the University of Arizona School of Music state-of-the-art Haskell Recording Studio. Each performer learns the process of commercial recording from composition/arranging and preproduction, to tracking as a recording artist, while working behind the console as a producer, and completing postproduction editing and mastering.

Immerse Yourself in Flutefinity

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Julia and Patricia after wrapping the “Santa Baby” session
Kate tracking for the Jerome Robbins ballet choreography
On tour in China
Tori records Howard Buss’ Prelude and Dance
Flutefinity at the 2007 NFA convention
Nicole having fun between takes
On tour in Beijing
Elyse and Dajuan tracking Muczynski
Flutefinity Spectrum ‘06
Jenny at work producing
Jenny tracking the overdub of “Santa Baby”
Flutefinity Global ‘06


HOWARD BUSS: Prelude and Dance (2003)

Howard Buss’s Prelude and Dance won the 2004 National Flute Association’s Newly-Published Music competition award. The work came to our attention because it was premiered by Dr. Luce and a number of his colleagues in 2003. After performing the work a number of times, it lent itself to picturesquely describing a quarrel followed by resolution through dance. We put this video together to illustrate the narrative in terms of a dispute that only could be resolved through the sharing of domestic responsibilities.

BRIAN LUCE: Mogollon Memories (2007)

This work was written for Flutefinity and Harp Fusion for a premiere performance at the 2007 National Flute Association convention. The piece was inspired by the composer’s memories of numerous childhood fishing trips to the alpine region of Arizona’s Mogollon Rim.

JOAN JAVITS: “Santa Baby”

Patricia Bradley (BM, 2015) arranged, recorded, and acted in this “flutist’s take” on Joan Javits’ ever-popular Christmas standard within a quick two-month period. Patricia included tongue-in-cheek jazz solo riffs that quote notable excerpts from the flute repertoire.

JOAN JAVITS: “Santa Baby”

This video shows the performers’ experience in creating the “Santa Baby” music video. From choosing a project to arranging, tracking, editing, and video overdubbing, this video shows our performers creating musical products and developing their craft.