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Undergraduate Auditions

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The School of Music offers Individual flute instruction in the MUSI 181-485 courses. Students who wish to study through the School must perform a live audition before a faculty jury or submit a video recording of the required audition repertoire or similar works. After applying to the University of Arizona, you will schedule an audition with the following prepared materials or other similar repertoire. If you wish to use other works that are commensurate with the suggested repertoire, contact Dr. Luce.

Prepare two contrasting works, one demonstrating technical proficiency and another, lyricism. You are welcome to select one work from each group or perform works similar in style periods. If you have any questions about other repertoire you plan to perform, contact Dr. Luce.

Group A
  • J. S. BACH: Sonata in E Major, movements I and II
  • J. S. BACH: Sonata in E-flat Major, movements I and II
  • J. S. BACH: Sonata in C Major, movements I and II
  • G. F. HANDEL: Sonata in G Major, movements I and II
Group B
  • GABRIEL FAURE: Fantaisie, Op. 79
  • LOUIS GANNE: Andante et Scherzo
  • BENJAMIN GODARD: Suite de Trois Morceaux, movements I and II
  • GEORGES ENESCO: Cantabile et Presto
Live Audition
Live auditions will be held on February 8 and March 1, 2025. Your chosen audition repertoire may be performed from memory. You will also be asked to perform scales and arpeggios from memory as well as sight read.

Video recorded Audition
Although a live audition is preferable, prospective students may prepare an unedited recording of the required works with piano and include performance of six major and minor scales, six major and minor arpeggios, and six two-octave scales of your choice. The recording may be physically delivered on digital media or uploaded YouTube™, Vimeo™, or another media sharing site.